Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Well once again, I am apologizing for the long interim period between posts.  Can you tell I am busy, busy?  Between all of our activities, we have been traveling a lot lately, and I cannot wait to share all of our fun times with you.

In March, my husband had a long layover in Chattanooga, TN.  We were headed to Atlanta for Easter, and he suggested we stop over for the day in Chattanooga.  Honestly, in all the years I have lived in Tennessee, I have never stopped in Chattanooga, only driven through.  I had heard that it is a great city, with lots to do, and it is stunningly beautiful there.  I happily obliged, and I am so glad that we did.

We only had time to do one activity, and being that it was still a bit chilly, we decided to do the Tennessee Aquarium.  I have been to several aquariums in the US, my favorite still is Monterey Bay, but I have to say the Tennessee Aquarium is a very close second.  They have done a wonderful job being that it is nowhere near the ocean.

Our favorite exhibits were the butterfly garden, seahorse exhibit, jellyfish exhibit, the Smoky Mountain exhibit, and of course the penguins.  In the butterfly garden, kids grabbed a guide and we immediately started searching for the different types of butterflies.  My middle daughter immediately started to recognize the different types too.  The seahorse and jelly fish exhibits were incredible, I had never seen so many in my life.  They loved looking in each of the different tanks at all the different types.  The tribute to the Smoky Mountains was done so well that you felt that you were actually in the mountains.  They had waterfalls and rocks, it even smelled like the fresh mountain air, quite impressive.  The penguins is what the Tennessee Aquarium is known for, the girls loved watching them interact with each other.  They also really enjoyed the educational talks that the employees gave, we had to pull them away from one as we were running out of time.

Right before we went into the aquarium, we stopped and ate lunch at Puckett's, which is right next door.  We love looking for local places to eat, they had delicious BBQ.  I meant to go back and buy some BBQ sauce, and completely forgot.  If you are in town, check out Puckett's and the aquarium.

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