Tuesday, June 21, 2016

St Maarten

St. Maarten is an island in the caribbean that is divided between the Dutch and the French.  We visited the island while on our Disney Cruise.  I've been to numerous caribbean locales and this was my least favorite of all of them.  The caribbean is known to be mostly poor, but incredibly beautiful and most of the countries I have felt completely safe in, this was not the case here.
St Maartin, the only photo I took

We spent just a day here, and after looking over our options with the Disney Cruise, there was not much the younger kids could do.  Our family decided to stay together, and just sit on the beach and do some shopping.  The water was incredibly beautiful, I cannot deny that, but that was the only perk for me.  My parents have been before, and visited Maho Beach, and said it was basically the same.  Personally, I would have rather gone to Maho to see the planes landing, my kids would have loved that.

Landing United Airlines Plane Over Maho Beach by Richie

We rented some chairs from some locals, and plopped down on the beach.  The entire time we were there, we were hounded to have our hair braided and buy items.  Neither of which we were interested in doing.  My husband and brother finally caved and rented some jet skis, and took the older girls out for a ride.  My dad kept the younger kids, while the women decided to shop. 

The shopping was decent, but we were hounded by the store clerks the entire time.  We were cat called at, I felt like we were in a meat market.  We didn't last long before deciding that we were done, and ready to head back to the ship. My mom did hit up the Tiffany's there though, and found herself some items.  

Personally, I wouldn't recommend going there on vacation, I am hoping that it was like St. Thomas and I just had a bad first experience.  

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